Dear Friends,

Writing is, among other things, a journey of self-discovery.  Now that I’ve written three novels, which I think constitutes a critical-enough mass for interpretation, I have discovered at least two interesting things about myself as a writer… and if you want to know what they are, go read the Behind the Book page for Approaching the Speed of Light, because…

It’s been a long journey since completing Stone Creek, but Approaching the Speed of Light has finally arrived at publication!  It is available now in hardcover, electronic and audio formats.  

I thank anyone visiting here for your continuing interest in my work, and I hope you’ll take a moment to peek at all the About the Book pages for this newest book, and the earlier ones as well, if you’re not familiar with them already.

Happy reading!


PS. Come see me Saturday, August 31st at the Decatur Book Festival!

“[Approaching the Speed of Light is] a beautiful novel about surviving tragedy and overcoming defeat.”

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